I’ve been looking for something like a Philippine version of MOO, the top site for ordering custom-made business cards online in the US and UK. MOO is a breeze to use — you upload your design, choose the paper type and quantity, enter your shipping address, pay by credit card or PayPal, and voilà, you get your spankin’ new business cards in the mail a few days later.

Locally, there’s, but the one time I tried their site, it was so buggy that I gave up before completing my order. It doesn’t help that they have poor customer service — their lack of response to my email inquiry failed to inspire any confidence in their business at all. looks legit, too, but I have yet to try them, as they seem to print only one-sided business cards. There are also printers advertising their wares on the ubiquitous OLX Philippines (formerly, but trying to buy from there entails lengthy back-and-forth messaging with sellers, who often have such horrible email etiquette, it makes me wonder whether they actually want paying customers or not. As for brick-and-mortar print shops, I’ve disavowed them after I tried one in town, and they got the colors wrong and included the bleed (!), after a turnaround time that took forever (tsk).

Enter, a worthy contender for the title of “MOO Philippines” (for business cards at least):

Apparently they’ve been around for quite some time, but I only discovered them just now. Their interface is not as seamless and sophisticated as MOO’s, but locally it’s the best I’ve seen so far. They may not be as cheap as the surly two-bit sellers on, but I’d gladly pay extra for the convenience of not having to deal with their ilk. My experience ordering from was quite MOO-like indeed: I uploaded my two-sided design (the file specs are clearly stated on their FAQs page), entered my mailing address, paid through PayPal, and got my cards a few days later.

As for the quality, it’s not as good as MOO’s, but then MOO’s business cards cost a whole lot more. Comparing locally,’s end product is a whole lot better than the ones I got from the local shop in town.

All in all, my experience was a positive one, and I don’t hesitate to recommend them. My only complaint is that they failed to enclose the official receipt with the package, which they promised to do so on their website, and which they ought to do as a legit business. This is a big deal if the order is a business expense, so, if you’re reading this, don’t make the same mistake again.