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PC Express is a well-known computer store with many branches, most of which are in Metro Manila. They are obviously a legit business, but I was still apprehensive to buy from their online store, since I couldn’t find any reviews online. The only thing I came across is this forum post by an equally concerned potential buyer asking for feedback, since PC Express never replied to any of his/her inquiries (certainly not a ringing endorsement).

PC Express

Since they had the lowest price online of the product I wanted, which wasn’t available in my corner of the country, I took the plunge and ordered from their online store. Without further ado, my PC Express online store experience:


  • Less-than-seamless checkout. On major online stores, the checkout process is as easy as 1-2-3 — you click “Buy”, enter your credit card details, and voilà, you get instant email confirmation. On, on the other hand, what you get is a message telling you to wait for another email, since they have to check first if the item is actually in stock or not (!?).
  • Lack of transparency on delivery rates. There is no shipping information page on their website. You are basically in the dark as to how much you have to pay for delivery until you get the second email, which is actually a quotation. I bought the same product on Lazada Philippines, where it was more expensive, but since Lazada offers free shipping nationwide, the total cost ended up being cheaper at Lazada by P100.
  • Payment by bank deposit only. It is written on their website that they accept online payment through PesoPay, but their quotation said otherwise — payment is only possible through Metrobank or EastWest bank deposit. Dear PC Express, you’re a big company, not some two-bit seller on The whole point of online shopping is to not have to haul ass someplace. Honestly, I’ve had more convenience buying from sellers on eBay Philippines who accept PayPal payments. To add insult to injury, Metrobank charges a P50 service charge for inter-branch deposits, which is borne by the buyer (no choice).
  • Poor customer service. I didn’t hear from them for two days after I emailed them a scan of the deposit slip; I had to actually call their landline in Metro Manila to confirm. I also asked for a tracking number in the same email, but nope, no reply, just deadma.

But what about the pros, you ask? Surely they have something positive going for them?


  • I got my order. Yes, they’re legit; your order will def arrive.

Aaand…that’s basically it.

TL;DR: is more like an online stock inquiry portal rather than an online store. If you want a hassle-free online shopping experience for computer stuff, you are better off buying at or from sellers on who accept PayPal payments.

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