How to apply for a Timor-Leste visa on arrival at President Nicolau Lobato International Airport in Dili


It’s easy to get a tourist visa on arrival in Timor-Leste (East Timor), the former Portuguese colony that is the youngest country in Asia. The hard part is actually getting there, since one can fly there on commercial airlines from only three cities, namely Bali, Darwin, and Singapore. Except for citizens of Portugal, all tourists are […]

Easily close your Save-Up account at BPI Direct Savings Bank


Three years ago, I opened a Save-Up Automatic Savings + Insurance account at BPI Direct Savings Bank. I was mainly enticed by the free life insurance coverage from BPI-Philam Life Assurance that comes with it. Just recently, I closed the account for the following reasons: Downsizing. I have one too many BPI Direct accounts already. I’m fine […]

Review: PC Express (


PC Express is a well-known computer store with many branches, most of which are in Metro Manila. They are obviously a legit business, but I was still apprehensive to buy from their online store, since I couldn’t find any reviews online. The only thing I came across is this forum post by an equally concerned […]

Review: OK Express, Myanmar


If you’ve been Googling the web for information on buses plying the Mandalay region, look no further than OK Express. We rode their minibus from Nyaung U to Mandalay on our trip to Myanmar earlier this month, and we were quite pleased with their service. Routes Mandalay to Myingyan to Taungtha and vice versa Mandalay to […]