How to apply for a Schengen visa at the Embassy of Italy in Manila


Schengen visa issued by the Embassy of Italy in Manila

Filipinos are required to have a Schengen visa when traveling to a country within the Schengen Area in Europe. As of 19 December 2011, the Schengen Area consists of the following European countries:

Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland

Applying for a Schengen visa — or any other visa, for that matter — in the Philippines can be a somewhat tedious process, with countless forms to fill, myriad documents to procure, expensive fees to pay…you get the drift. Here’s a guide to help you on your own application.

The following is based on our own application at the Italian Embassy on August 2012. It applies only to short-stay tourist visas for visits of less than 90 days, for Filipinos residing in the Philippines. For other types of visas and foreign residents, contact their call center.

We applied at the Italian Embassy since Italy was our point of entry and exit. Unlike most embassies of Schengen countries in the Philippines, the Italian Embassy does not require a personal appearance, which is convenient for applicants who live outside of Metro Manila. However, if you’re going on a European tour and Italy is not your main destination nor your entry/exit point, the embassy’s call center will likely instruct you to apply for a Schengen visa at the embassy of your main destination and/or entry/exit country.

Update: According to ANA in the comments section, the Italian Embassy no longer offers courier service; personal appearance is now required. Thanks for the heads-up, ANA.
Tip #1: Apply early. We rang their call center two months before our intended departure, and the earliest they could schedule a pick-up was two weeks later. It took another three weeks for them to process our visas. Apparently, the Italian Embassy was handling thousands of applications at that time due to the upcoming canonization of Pedro Calungsod. If we called any later, we possibly wouldn’t have gotten our visas on time. TL;DR: Apply 90 days before departure (the earliest you are allowed to apply) to avoid such contingencies.

1. Prepare the required documents

It would be wise to have most of the requirements ready before you schedule a courier pick-up date with the embassy’s call center. You can listen to a recorded list of requirements by calling +63 (2) 845-9200. Here are the documents to submit to the Italian Embassy:

Update: Click here for an updated list of required documents (as of February 2013) for short-stay tourist visas.
  • Cover letter. This is not required, but since there is no personal interview, we included one to better explain the purpose of our visit. You can download our sample cover letter here.
  • Completed Schengen visa application form. The application form can be downloaded here. Don’t forget to affix your signature on the last page.
Tip #2: If you plan to visit only countries within the Schengen Area, a single-entry visa is sufficient enough. Once within the Schengen Area, your passport will no longer be stamped when crossing member country borders. If you plan to leave the Schengen Area (e.g. side-trip to the UK) and return, you will need a double-entry visa. If you plan to go in and out of the Schengen Area more than twice, you will need a multiple-entry visa.
  • One (1) passport-size photo with white background. Click here for picture specifications; the studio photographer is likely already familiar with these. Do not bother sending more than one copy; we sent two copies each and they returned the extra one along with our passports. Do not staple.
  • Original Philippine passport. Passport must be valid for at least three (3) months from the end of your trip and have at least two (2) blank pages.
  • Photocopies of information page (second page) and signature page (inside back cover) of passport
  • Photocopies of information and signature pages of old passports
  • Photocopies of previous visas and immigration stamps (Schengen or otherwise), if any
  • Proof of occupation. For employee: Certificate of Employment with approved leave of absence, photocopy of company ID and payslips, etc. For self-employed: photocopies of Certificate of Registration and latest Income Tax Return, etc. For students: photocopies of Certificate of Enrollment and school ID, etc. You can provide more proof, such as photocopies of latest professional tax receipt and membership cards in professional organizations, if you feel it will help.
  • Proof of sufficient funds. Original bank certificates and photocopies of passbooks covering transactions for the last six (6) months. If you have a non-passbook ATM account, you can ask the bank for a copy of your Statement of Account for that period, or print it yourself if available through the bank’s online facility. If you have credit cards, you can submit your credit card statements for the same period. Obviously, you must have enough money in the bank to cover the costs of your airfare, accommodation, tours, food, etc. Click here for the daily minimum amount required in Euros for tourists in Italian territory.
  • Detailed travel itinerary. This is for the entire duration of your trip, including stays outside of Italy. If your trip is a package tour from a travel agency, the agency will likely provide this for you. If you’re on a DIY trip, simply make one yourself. For example:
Date Activity and location Accommodation
4 April 2013 Self-guided walking tour, Rome, Italy Skywalk Rooms, Rome, Italy
  • Confirmation of reservation of round-trip tickets. You need not buy your tickets at this time; confirmed reservations are sufficient enough. You can get a booking certification from any reputable travel agency for a fee (we got ours for PHP 560). Some agencies even offer it for free. Note: booking certifications issued by travel agencies usually have a validity period; be sure to send your application within that time.
  • Confirmation of reservation of accommodation. Same as above, you need not pay your hotel/hostel/etc at this time; your travel agency can make the necessary reservation and issue a booking certification. Alternatively, you can book online and print the voucher yourself; allows you to make reservations without a down payment. If you’re staying with a friend or a relative instead, you will need to submit an invitation letter from them and a photocopy of their passport or residence permit. The template for the invitation letter can be downloaded here. (Edit: Click here for an English version of this invitation letter.)
  • Confirmation of reservation of tours, if any. Same as above, your travel agency can arrange this for you.
  • Photocopy of travel insurance policy with a minimum coverage of EUR 30, 000. Your travel insurance should cover the entire trip duration plus an additional 15 days from the end of your trip. Click here for the list of accredited Philippine insurance companies. The most convenient is the Prestige Euro Plan of Blue Cross; you can easily purchase it online here and have the policy instantly delivered to your email address.
  • Other supporting documents. You may submit other documents which you feel will help establish your rootedness in and assurance of return to the Philippines, such as photocopies of marriage certificate, birth certificate of children, land titles, etc.
  • Manager’s check payable to ‘PIASI’. You can procure a manager’s check from any commercial bank where you have an account. You will be informed of the current visa fee when you set an appointment with the embassy’s call center. At the time of our application, the fee was PHP 4, 495.
Update: According to Ken and Cynch in the comments section, there is no need to procure a manager’s check as you can pay in cash at the Italian Embassy. Thanks for the heads-up, Ken and Cynch.
  • Document checklist with disclaimer. Simply print a list of all the documents you will submit and add the following disclaimer at the bottom: “Incomplete requirements may be grounds for the refusal of my application.” Affix your signature to the checklist above your printed name.

2. Set a pick-up date with their call center

You may contact the call center of the Italian Embassy through the following toll numbers:

PLDT: 1-909-101-2200
BayanTel: 1-903-101-2200
Globe: 1-900-101-2200

Calls cost a whopping PHP 32 per minute from landline (more from cellphone). Once connected, the customer service agent will give you a reference number and inform you of the date the courier (usually 2GO) will pick up the documents from your specified address.

3. Submit requirements to the courier

The courier will pick up your documents on your appointment date and give you an acknowledgment receipt. Before submission, place all the requirements in a long brown envelope and seal it with tape. Write the following on the back of the envelope:

Second line: TOURIST VISA

4. Wait

Visa processing at the Italian Embassy takes up to 15 working days. If all your requirements are in order and the consul approves your application, the courier will return with your passport with Schengen visa within that time.

If approved, the embassy will send a notice along with your passport saying that you may be asked to provide copies of the required documents at the point of entry or anytime during your stay in the Schengen Area. Personally, we did not experience this; the immigration officer merely stamped our passports and waved us through without saying anything at all. Unless you change your point of entry to another country, you probably will not be questioned upon arrival in Italy.

  • kheya

    nice explanation..and by next week i will go to the embassy i complete bring my documents thank you so much..godbless

  • Hi kheya, thanks for dropping by. Good luck on your application.

  • kheya

    hi my nice friend its me again kheya…can you give me an advice what is the best that i can do before i go the embassy of italy here in manila?i have all documents but what is reference number?where did i get a REFERENCE NUMBER? AND WHAT IS THAT PURPOSE? THANKS YOU SO MUCH AND GODBLESS..IM LOOKING FPRWARD TAKE CARE

  • Hi kheya. Please visit their official website for more information:

  • Chel

    Thank you for this! My fiance’s about to visit me here in Milan and we don’t know a single thing on how to get him a tourist visa. This is a big help. Thank you!

  • Hi Chel, thanks for dropping by. Glad I could be of help; hope you see your fiance soon.

  • rowena

    may babayaran po ba na processing fee sa embassy before nila iprocess ang pag-aaply ng visa aside dun sa sinasabi na managers check ng worth 4,495 or kasama na yun?

  • Hi rowena, thanks for dropping by. Nope, no other fees other than the manager’s check. Please verify the current fee by ringing their call center, as they may have increased/decreased the amount.

  • rowena

    ah,ok thank’s!!! one more question,,,like ko na po bumili ng tikets for my kids,,,kaso nagdadalawang isip po ako na mabayaran ito dahil baka di umabot sa release ng visa. what is best po ba? ,,,may iterenary na po kami,ok lang po ba yun?
    how much po aabutin ang manager’s check? THANK YOU!

  • Hi rowena. It is recommended you buy your tickets after you get your visas. You need only to submit a booking certification to the embassy. Please ring their call center for the current amount of the manager’s check.

  • marites mendoza fatal

    hello po may I ask kung saan ko po I download ang affidavit of petition galling napo ang mister ko sa Philippine embassy rome hindi daw po sa kanila kukuha pls kindly help kung saan ko po down load or either pls. kindly send to me on reply thanks a lot po

  • Hi marites, thanks for dropping by. I’m afraid I can’t help you with that either. Your best bet is to ring the embassy call center (the numbers are on the post above).

  • ANA

    Hi! The info you laid out here is very useful, detailed and informative. FYI though. I just called the Italian VIA and they no longer offer courier service for short-term visas (tourist). This policy set in place Nov 2013, so after this post was put up, but just thought I’d let you know all the same. Thank you again for this helpful post. : )

  • ANA

    **was set in place

  • Hi ANA, thanks for dropping by. It’s a shame they don’t accept mailed applications anymore, as it was very convenient for provincial applicants. Thanks for the heads-up.

  • Ken

    Hi, FYI: my friends and i just applied at the Italian Embassy last week. We paid a total of PHP4,949 each (cash). Not too many applicants that time.

  • Hi Ken, thanks for dropping by. I see the fee has increased slightly. Thanks for the heads-up :-)

  • Say

    Hi. Where can i get an english version of invitation letter? Sa website kasi nila its an italian form of invitation letter. Thanks.

  • Hi Say, thanks for dropping by. Click the link below for an English version of the invitation letter:

  • Cynch Molina

    Hi! Rowena, you do not need to issue a manager’s check as you can pay it in cash.. FYI, as of today, fee is now 4,951php in total including processing, visa and courier’s fee..
    Please better call their call center to assist you and make an appointment schedule and get your reference number..


  • Cynch Molina

    Hi! Just wanted to tell you, thank you for your help.. Without your blog, I wouldnt be able to make an appoinment by calling their call center for having my reference number and schedule..
    Thank you again…

  • Hi Cynch, thanks for dropping by. Glad you found the info here useful :-)

  • Kathryn

    Hi. Should they approve your application, I’m just curious what’s the basis. Is it based on the flight booking confirmation you submitted? Like your supposedly departure date of they usually date it earlier? Thanks :-)

  • Kathryn

    Hi. Should the Italian embassy approve your application, I’m just curious what’s the basis. Is it based on the flight booking confirmation you submitted? Like your supposedly departure
    OR date the visa earlier than the flight booking confirmation submitted?

  • Hi Kathryn, thanks for dropping by. Based on my own Schengen visa (pictured above), the consul dated it 30 September 2012. It was exactly one (1) day before our arrival at the international airport in Fiumicino, 1 October 2012, as stated on the booking certification.

  • Kathryn

    i see. so they are very particular wih the date. Thanks you so much. Have a fab saturday :-)

  • Kathryn

    Hi Ken. When you called for the appointment, did you choose the date when to go or is it their option to give you whatever is available slot to submit the requirements? How long is the waiting from the time you called and the appoinment to go to the embassy? Thanks in advance :-)

  • Kathryn

    Good afternoon Yellaflow. Another question if I may, when you called for the appointment, did you choose the date when to go or is it the embassy’s option to give you whatever is available slot for the submission of requirements? How long is the waiting from the time you called and the appoinment to go to the embassy? Latly, before I call the CALL CENTER what are the things or documents should I prepare or be needing? Thanks and have a blessed sunday :-)

  • Hi Kathryn. The agent gave us the earliest available date, but it’s likely possible to request for a later date if you’re unable to make it on the former.

  • rowena

    ok,,,thank you!

  • Kim

    Hi Yellafellow. Can I ask you a question? I just established my Travel agency business this year and I still don’t have my ITR, What do you think are the other documents I should submit? Thank you :D

  • Hi Kim, thanks for dropping by. Click the link below for an updated list (as of February 2013) of requirements for a short-term tourist visa:

    “6) If Self Employed: Business license/permits, registration and financial statement.”

    “7) Declaration of annual income (ITR)”

    “9) Proof of economic means: Bank certification for dollar and peso accounts accompanied by their corresponding passbook, statements of account. If available, international credit cards, properties, land titles, etc.”

    Just tell them you don’t have #7 yet since you just established your business. If they insist and ask how you’ll finance your trip, possible options include:

    – submitting an old ITR and telling them you’ll be using your savings
    – submitting #7 and #9 of an immediate family member (e.g., husband or parent) and having them certify that they will finance your trip
    – if staying with a close friend or relative in Europe, submitting their #7 and #9, along with an invitation letter, and having them certify that they will finance your trip

  • Kim

    Thank you Yellaflow, I can submit my DTI, passbooks, bank statements and an international credit card, its just that I don’t have my ITR yet and I don’t know if they are more strict compare to french. This is my first time applying in italian embassy. I applied at french embassy before for our educational trip. I’m with my mom and lil sis this time applying for italian visa, I guess we will tell them that my mom will be my sponsor. :) Thank you very much :)

  • shie

    Hi Ken. I’m not sure if you could still read this, but anyhow is it okay to ask how long did it take to receive your visa. I submitted my documents on April 15, two days before Holy Week. In my research it will take 5-10 working days, the longest would be 15 days. It’s now May 8th and I get more nervous in each passing day. Did the courier text you first before they delivered your passport or they just arrived at your place. Thank you.

  • LCA

    Hi Shie, Did you receive your visa? I submitted my documents on April 21 but until now i have not receive my visa yet.

  • shie

    Hello LCA. I am for
    interview today. I received the letter in the nick of time yesterday afternoon.
    I was already typing a letter of follow-up to their office. Anyway, the sched
    for interview is Tue, Thu, Fri bet 12nn-1pm. I decided to come today. No additional
    reqts are asked, just my presence. Just wait. You might receive a request for
    interview until late next week or if you are lucky, your visa :). I have
    a sponsor kasi (my mother) so maybe that’s the reason why they want an
    interview. I’m preparing for answers for possible questions (common and leading
    questions – u know what I mean). I have jitters now. Good luck to both of us.
    Meantime, prepare for a possible interview na rin. Cheer up!

  • shie

    Hi LCA. Had my interview today. Most questions asked were about my family members. I was also asked why I’m traveling for 21 days.The interviewer said that most companies allow only 15 days. Muntik na kong mapa “nge!” Buti na lang something held my horse. I prayed hard na sana macontrol ko ang sarili ko. Because i’m like Kris A na super tactless. Kasi naman many people travel for more than 30 days and still keep their job after the tour. Kaya ang facial expression ko was like “okay ka lang?” Anyway, I told her that my job is very flexible since I work from home. My company allows its contract workers to take holidays anytime as long as it’s not over a month, otherwise, we have to resign and re-apply. The lady also asked about my brother’s job. She asked how long he has been working in Saudi. I replied “I’m not sure, 3.. more than 3 years..”You don’t know?” .So I retorted “All I remember is that he was sent to London in 2008 to supervise the construction of the Olympic stadium before he was assigned in SA.” Based on her facial expression di ko na napigilan sarili ko. I said, “My brother is married and has his own place. We seldom communicate now since he started working overseas. I will not know everything about him. Frankly, I don’t think he knows how long I have worked for my company either. We’re both old and busy with our own lives. The lady frowned. Siya pa ang nainis, eh, mas nakakainis ang tanong nya. It’s true naman talaga. There are many families out there who are not updated with their family members’ lives. She even asked who invited my mother to Germany before she moved to Italy. Sus, malay ko! She shook her head and was disappointed that I didn’t know. I said, “I was 18. I had no idea.” She murmured, pero 18 ka na non. Bakit hindi mo alam.” Gosh! Thank God, I didn’t insult her with her question. This is my weakness. Super bilis akong mainis sa mga foolish questions. Sabi ko na lang, all I know is that it’s a very personal matter. I knew of her plan of going abroad at the time. But my mother never engaged and encouraged her children to discuss problems with the elders. Don’t worry, I understand what you’re question is leading me to. Nevertheless, I honestly don’t know. It wasn’t the last question for the day, though. After the interview she simply said “tawagan ka na lang namin kapag may additional questions ang consul.” So there. I don’t want to take it negatively, but I lift it all up to God. The hardest situation to be in is when you’re asked silly questions. This interview frustrated me quite a bit. It’s okay to ask me personal questions if it’s behind closed door. But for heaven’s sake! the interview is very open. You speak to the mic and every one in the room is all ears. I’m a very formal and objective person dahil na rin siguro sa influence ng corporate background ko. I wasn’t exposed to such line of questioning. Kaya, LCA. Be patient.

  • aldrich

    Hello po!Ask koh lng anu po ang mga kelangan na documents pra maginvite andto po kz ako sa italy at balak kong mapagtour ang fiance ko studyante lng po xa at ako po ung mgbabayad ng trip nia..thanks po..

  • Genesis

    Hi yellaflow! My husband, I and our toddler plans to visit Italy and Greece later this year. This is our first time to travel out of the country. Is it ok if we use the same requirements? Like our passbook and business permit. We are married though. Should we photocopy each and put one in our envelopes? Thanks!

  • Hi aldrich, thanks for dropping by. Click the link below for an updated list of required documents (as of February 2013) for short-stay tourist visas:

    If you’re the one paying for the entire trip, your fiancee should clearly indicate this in her introduction letter, along with your contact details in case the embassy needs to verify with you. You should also provide her with copies of your financial and employment documents to submit along with her application.

  • Ej

    Awesome site!

  • Hi Ej, thanks for dropping by. Glad you find the site useful. :-)

  • Karl

    Hi maam, how did you receive your passport with visa? Did you pick it up personally or they sent it to you through courrier? And which courrier? Thanks

  • Hi Karl, thanks for dropping by. They sent back our passports through courier. Don’t remember very well, but I think it was 2GO.

  • Claudine

    Hi, thank you so much for this very detailed info. I would like to ask however, coz since I’m going sometime in August and this is company incentive trip, italy is my main entry and exit point but in between I will be going to amsterdam and paris. I already have a hotel voucher in paris my concern is going amsterdam. My friend made a letter of invitation for me as well as proof of address/registration and his passport. He will only be shouldering my accommodation everything else will be my expense. Do I still need to follow the sample template translated in English you attached in this site for the letter of invitation or our own letter of invitation is enough na?

  • Rene Ebreo

    good moring po. gsto ko pumunta sa Rome Italy. kc gusto akung itrip ng friend ko na taga Canada. isa akung pulis dito sa pilipinas. ano po ang dapat kung gawin po?

  • Jay ar

    Goodmorning po gusto ko lng po itanong kung pano po pumunta ng italy kasi dun po ako pinanganak andun po dati ang magulng ko pero patay n po ung ina ko ung tatay ko e for good n s pinas mga kapatid ko nlng po ung nandun pero rome italy po ung birthplace ko panu po kaya un tnx po

  • Hi Jay ar, thanks for dropping by. If you are a Filipino citizen, then you’ll have to apply for a visa, same as everyone else. However, if you legally resided in Italy without interruption from the time you were born until you were 18 years old, then you may qualify for Italian citizenship. For further questions, please contact the Embassy of Italy in Manila:

  • Hi Rene, thanks for dropping by. If your friend is the one paying for your trip, you should clearly indicate this in your introduction letter, along with his/her contact details in case the embassy needs to verify with him/her. You should also provide the embassy with copies of his/her financial documents to submit along with your application.

  • Hi Claudine, thanks for dropping by. Sorry didn’t get to reply sooner; hope you got your Schengen visa.

  • Hi Genesis, thanks for dropping by. Sorry didn’t get to reply sooner; hope you got your Schengen visa.

  • Chai

    May I just ask, how many days/weeks did you have to wait for your appointment? THANKS! Can you please tell me which is the fastest way to get the visa. Is it by booking an appointment through the Italian Embassy website? By calling the premium lines? Or walk-in? THAAANKS IN ADVANCE!!

  • Hi Chai, thanks for dropping by. It took more than a month from the time we called the call center to when we received our visas. I cannot comment re: booking direct on the embassy’s website as I have not done it before. I believe they allow walk-ins only for special/emergency cases.

  • marge yap

    Hi…i will be travelling to italy in less than a month…i applied visa here in cambodia and got approved in less than week…my question is entering italy… are immigration officials strict? Did they ask for any documents for you to show them before allowing entry in airport?



  • Hi marge, thanks for dropping by. No, the immigration officer was not strict with us. He just stamped our passports and that was it. Have fun in Italy!

  • marge yap

    Thanks for the reply….

    Your blog very helpful….

    thanks again.

    marge :)

  • Melissa Benedicta

    What a very useful information you gave here.
    I have a question, do we need to report back to embassy after we completed our journey? i did called the embassy but they said we only need to report back if we have a stamp in our passport mentioned by latest date we need to report. im kinda confuse, i dont have the stamp. Anyway, how did you get the date stamp on your visa? because when i left the border, the officer only stamped me on any page NOT on the visa.

    Thank you,

  • Hi Melissa, thanks for dropping by. Personally we did not report back to the embassy after our return to the Philippines. There’s nothing to worry about as long as you don’t overstay your visa. If by date stamp you mean immigration stamp, you get it when you enter/exit the Schengen area. It doesn’t have to be on the visa; it could be on another page on your passport.

  • Marie Jotojot

    Hello po Yellaflow,

    Ok lang po ba na “unemployed” ang ilagay sa mag invite sa invitation letter?
    ESL tutor po ako pero sa friend ko po na Paypal account pinapahulog ang mga payments nila.
    Ok lang po ba yon?
    Kindly reply po.

    Thank you

  • Hi Marie, thanks for dropping by. If you’re an ESL tutor, then I guess that’s a form of employment? Perhaps you have other valid evidence you can present, like a contract? Truth is always the best policy. Good luck with your visa application. :-)

  • Salome Guevara

    Hi po, need help ,How to book for translation and legalization , applying for italian citizenship ng bayaw and sis ko

  • Hi Salome, thanks for dropping by. I’m afraid I can’t help you with that; it’s best to ask the Italian Embassy.

  • megann

    Hi po, gudpm,, I came across to this helpful blog salamat at nakita ko po,, mdmi po akong gustong itanong;gusto ko po kc mg apply ng tourist visafor Iitaly,,
    1.this year lng po ng apply ako ng tourist visa for france, unfortunately I was denied twice, hindi po kaya disadvantage pg nakita sa italian embassy ang passport which was stamped “c” twice?
    Ang reason po ng denial ay unreliable information, I think its because wla akong job or business although my fiance submitted a letter to the french embassy that he will shoulder all my expenses, he even made the flight reservation, and the insurance, do you think I will get the same reje tion? it possible to rather apply italian visa since I was denied for french visa,, kc po italian tlga fiance ko, lumaki po xa sa france at permanent residence npo xa dun, he suggested it might be helpful for us this time, kc po gusto n nmin mgpkasal sana sa france,
    Would it be helpful if we will submit the proof of residency ng kanyang uncle, or aunt saka mga kapatid?
    3.and if granted , can I go to franceand get married right there khit italianvisa ang inaplayan ko po?
    4.pdi po bang I reason out sa italian embassy na mgppakasal kmi kaya ng aapply ako ng visa?
    5.maxado po kc mahigpit ngayon sa french embassy, bbalik nman kc tlga ako once na naexpire ung visa, at gumawa din po ng letter to french embassy ang fiance ko na pabbalikin nya ko as in ginawa po nmin lhat, sa palagay nyo po ba mkka kuha nko ng visa ngayon, sana po matulungan nyo ko, at sa lhat po ng mkkabasa nto hihingin ko na din po mga advice ninyo,, maraming maraming salamat po,at God Bless,, bisous :)

  • Hi megann, thanks for dropping by. I’m sorry to hear about your Schengen visa denials. I’m afraid I’m not qualified to answer your questions, as I can’t presume to predict the Italian consul’s decision on your tourist visa application. There is an easier alternative, though — since there are less hurdles to your fiance coming to the Philippines than to your going to Europe, perhaps you should consider getting married here instead. You may then easily apply for a Visa for Spouse of Italian Citizen:

    It may not be the French wedding you’re envisioning, but you can always get married again once you’re there.

    Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials and good luck :-)

  • Jesieca

    Hi po.. Ask ko lng po kng ano po’ mga requirements ng asawa ko para po’ mkakuha ng visa.. Pinipistisyon ko po’ kc sya.. My nulla osta n po’.. Thanks po

  • Hi Jesieca, thanks for dropping by. Please click this link for the list of requirements for a Family Reunion (Spouse) visa:

  • JR

    My point of entry and exit is Paris, France. However, we will be staying the longest in Italy.(7 days out of the 18 days that we will be staying in Europe. We will stay 3 days in Paris, 2 days in Amsterdam, one day in Brussels, Prague, Vienna, Zurich, and Munich. Will I apply my Schengen visa at the Italian embassy or the French embassy? Thanks

  • Hi JR, thanks for dropping by. I believe you should apply at the Italian embassy. From the official website of the European Union (link: ):

    “Where do you apply?

    You are not free to choose at which mission of a Schengen state to apply.
    You have to apply at the mission of the country where your main destination / longest stay will be or if it is
    difficult to determine (e.g. cruises, bus tours) you must apply from the mission of the first point of entry.”

  • Sam

    Hi! Looking at the schengen visa picture on your post, I see the word “ITA” on the upper right hand corner. Does that make the visa a “Limited Territorial Validity (LTV)” visa, in this case limited to Italy only?
    Did you travel outside Italy as well with that visa (I’m assuming that was a picture of your visa)?
    I recently applied and got a schengen visa through the Italian Embassy (travelling this coming April) and got the same “ITA” mark. I have previously gotten a Schengen visa through the Italian Embassy twice already before, and they didn’t have the “ITA” mark (way back 2002 and 2008). So I’m wondering what that “ITA” mark means. Incidentally, in my application for this last visa, I have not indicated that I will be travelling to other countries outside of Italy, coz I wasn’t planning to when I made the application. But now I also want to go to Switzerland — can I with that ITA mark on the visa?

  • Hi Sam, thanks for dropping by. The above Schengen visa is clearly marked “STATI SCHENGEN”. An Italian visa for Italy only, on the other hand, is marked “ITALIA”. The three-letter code simply indicates which country issued the visa — “FRA” for France, “AUT” for Austria, etc. I flew to Zurich from Rome with the above visa.

  • sam

    Many thanks! That took away my worries. I have wondered mainly because the previous visas I got didn’t have that code. I suppose the visas being issued since then indicate the code of the issuing country.
    Thanks again for your help. Good blog. Keep it going!
    Best wishes.

  • mari

    Hi po gusto ko lang po mginform 2 days npo ako ttumatawag sa consul sa milan hirap po mka contak, italian citizen npo ako since 2010 gusto ko po invite mother ko dto sa italy at pra nrin nya ihatid 2 kong pamangkin na pinitisyon ng kapatid ko, nagsend npo ako ng application form n binigay skin dto ksama ng mga documents ko na sa katunayan italian citizen po ako, pero hinihingan po nanay ko ng invitation letter at affidavit of support na red ribbon. Di po mlinaw skin kng sa Preffetura po ng italy o sa phil consul ng Milan ako kkuha? Sa totoo lng po 2 days ko como contak ring lng ng ring, malayo po kmi sa milan kya b4 po sana ko pumunta my idea npo sana ko kng mga documento dadalhin ko. I hope na matulungan nyo po ako nid po mkarating ng mga bata at mother ko b4 po mg start school, and wish n nandto rin po sya sa panganganak ko dis coming september. God bles po

  • neth

    Hi yellaflow, im newly wed. with italian man last feb.12,2015, since our marriage contract issued by NSO will be released after 6months,but i have marriage contract issued our local civil registry, and my husband want me to visit italy for mean time that were waiting our final documents ( NSO marriage) to forward our marriage documents in italy..there is possible that italian embassy will approved my tourist application? And what visa i need to apply? Thank you in advance….god blessed

  • Hi neth, thanks for dropping by. You should apply for a Family Reunion visa, since technically you are not a tourist but the spouse of an EU citizen. I suggest you and your husband contact the embassy directly and ask if they will accept the LCR copy of your marriage contract.

  • Hi mari, thanks for dropping by. If your mother is just visiting, she should apply for a Short Term visa under Parent(s) of Italian Citizen:

    The invitation letter should come from you, since you are the inviter. Please visit the embassy’s website to download their invitation letter template:

  • Chad

    Hi Chad here, I am trying to apply in the italian embassy via online reservation of date I am not sure if I am doing the right thing as august is the next available schedule date for Visa application. is that even possible? My main question is tracking your application and lodging it via courier it seems like you did not do any appearance? From what i know appearances are required for biometrics. If i am wrong how long when you submitted your application via courier and from the time you were called to appear in the embassy? thanks and more power. (might apply via VIA)

  • Hi Chad, thanks for dropping by. I’m afraid I can’t comment on your concerns since we didn’t apply through the embassy website’s “Book your visit” function. We also applied in 2012, long before they required personal appearance for biometrics. Good luck on your application :)

  • Jefferson

    Hi! Ask ko Lang po kung mag kanu po ang ba bayaran sa managers check para sa embassy?

  • Please call the embassy’s call center for the current amount.

  • nati

    I’m from Riyadh, I applied a visit visa but unfortunately the VFS application center summoned me to return back my passport and the reason according to him the consul did not accepted my application due to insufficient fund in the bank, may I ask Sir how much money do I need to maintain in the bank so I could possibly get a visit visa?

  • nati

    Do you know a tour package to recommend so I can go to Italy from this way , does the tour package agent will process a visa as tourist for the client?

  • I can’t comment on that as I don’t know how the embassy in Riyadh works. Best to ask the embassy or travel agencies there.

  • Romasito

    Hello po ask ko Lang po kong pwd ko invite ung BF ko d2 s italy??? If ever n pwd po ano ang Mga requirements ung saktong need po… Thank youo

  • boomski

    hi thanks for the useful post. Tanong ko lang kasi nakabooked na kami ng flight sa Italy this may 24. eh ang appointment pa ng passport renewal namin sa april 29 pa. most probably for urgent package within 10 working days pa daw makukuha yung passport. so baka mga may 14 na yun. Eh may 24 booked flight namin. may possibility ba na pakiusapan yung italian embassy na sana maprocess man visa namin for the remaining days before the scheduled flight. nabayaran na kasi yung ticket.

  • From the embassy website:

    “Finally, in exceptional or emergency cases, the appointment can be requested by sending an email to or by calling the telephone number 02-8156527.”

  • Lei Lacsina

    As long as it is multiple entry then you can travel within the Schengen territories.I travelled 10 countries using the visa and there’s no problem.

  • MJ

    Buon giorno! I will just ask about the visa po…I will be travelling to Italy on June 22 until August 30 but during my stay in Rome I will be going out also to travel going to Manchester on July 4-10. Do I need to get the visa again to re-enter Italy or ok na yong visa ko that they will be giving this time.

  • Just apply for a double- or multiple-entry Schengen visa as the UK is not part of the Schengen area.

  • kate

    Hi po, yung boyfriend ko po italyano and binabalak po kse namin na mamamasyal ako sa kanila. Ano po ba yung mga needed documents? Para makakuha ako nang visitors visa?

  • cat

    What are the requirements for my son 18 yrs old and a student in ust, if he wants to visit me in Rome

  • Faith Yaneza Abad

    good noon. ask ko lang po need po kc pumunta s rome nong relatives nmn for the ordination of priesthood nong pinsan ko.bale 8 persons are to be sponsored, do we need to follow the requirements for tourist visa?or there is another requirements for it.thanks ?

  • Tourist visa.

  • Dianne

    Good day!!! I graduated this april. My dad and I will go to Italy as my graduation gift. The problem is I dont have work as of now or any proof of sufficient funds but my dad will shoulder all of my expenses during our stay at Italy. I don’t have any travel experiences abroad nor any visa approved. Would it be possible to have my visa approve in Italian embassy? Please help. Thank you!

  • Just indicate in your cover letter that your father, who will travel together with you, will shoulder all your expenses, and submit his financial and employment documents in your application.

  • Chaz Chaz

    elow… ask ko lng po.. petition po ako ng husband ko to italy… ok na po ang papers ko.. applying nlng ng visa.. my concern is.. about my health condition…. thnks..

  • Please be more specific regarding your concerns.

  • Chaz Chaz

    ok lng po ba mkakuha ng visa khit may skit ka.!! anu po ba need sa pg kuha ng visa .. thnk po

  • Jerby Lyn

    Hi. May ask lang po regarding sa petition visa. Need pa po ba magpa schedule ng interview? Pwede po ba walk in para malaman iba pang requirements?May documents n pinadala mom and dad ko para makuha nya po kapatid ko minor. Ako po kse magaayos ng papers nya..salamat :)

  • Venus Erika Rosales

    Hello po, just wanna ask if pwede po magsubmit ng documents for husband’s petition directly s italian embassy without any appointment (walk-in). Because one of the employee’s in Italian Embassy Makati, told me that there is another office/embassy in Ortigas where I can pass the papers directly. But unfortunately I’ve lost tge exact address they gave me. Can you please send me the exact address here? Big thanks.

  • Venus Erika Rosales

    Hello po, does anyone knows kung saan po yun Italian Embassy/Office sa my Ortigas kung san pwede mg walk in and mgsubmit ng documents for petition without any appoinments? I went to Italian Embassy Makati, and they gave me the exact address in Ortigas, but unfortunately I’ve lost that note. Can anyone help me here? Big thanks.

  • Deanna Sallao

    Hi, What if my bank certificate was issued october 9 and I will submit my application for the visa by the end of this month. Are they still gonna accept my bank certificate? thanks

  • Buena Flor

    Good day, I wanna ask about some requirements I don’t have. I’m not working I don’t have any bank account,ITR,. This would be my first time to apply tourist visa. And I was invited by my bf to visit Italy, he will shoulder all my expenses. Is there a possibility that you can approve my application? Thank you very much

  • Explain that in your cover letter and include your boyfriend’s financial and employment documents AND demonstrate your rootedness in the Philippines to show that you will actually return and not overstay.

  • Marga Reyes

    Hi! Where do I get the Reference Number which should appear on the envelope? I am submitting my application directly at the Italian Embassy as I was able to get a schedule a little bit less than 3 months from my departure date (February 2016)? Would you have any idea how it goes when you submit directly at the embassy? Thank you!

  • You get a reference number if you apply through PIASI. Dunno how it goes with direct embassy application, sorry.

  • Renren

    hello… balak ko rin po mamasyal sa italy…1st time q po eto lumabas ng bansa….request po eto ng boyfriend q po na italiano. at mga filipino friends q po dun..since b4 wla nmn p aqong bank account dati, ngayon po meron na kasi nagpadala po sya ng pera 4,000€ para mgkaroon po aq ng bank account at sabi nia po gagamitin q. dw po pag process ng mga documents qo papuntang ako po lahat mag aasikaso..ask q lng po kung magkano po magagastos q sa health insurnce? yung pinakambaba lng po na insurance para po mkatipid aq…kung may matitira po b na pera q sa banko, pde q po b gamitin na proof income yun na requirements sa pgkuha ng visa..wla po kc aqong ibng proof of income,yun lng po yung pinadala ng bf q…and kung pde po iyon ,need p rin po b ng invitation letter galing sa bf q?pde po b mkahingi ng sample invitation letter?

  • Mitch


    I have an italian fiancee, we are planning to get married in sicily by next year, the main concern is that since we are not legally married yet and i can’t apply for spouse visa, instead tourist (via full sponsorship). In line with this, can we get married while im in tour there and then change my visa once we got married in less than 90 days tourist rule. We have decided to marry in Italy instead of here so it can be direct and no need to wait for translation period. Indeed we are dying to be together the soonest as its hard to live apart and trying to avoid the hassle of waiting period here in the Phil if we choose to marry here and wait for all the processing which takes a lot of time. Can you advise regarding this?

  • Titay

    Ofw po ako sa hongkong for more than 9 years. And planning to visit my friend in italy for 15 days . Saan po ako mag apply manila italian embassy or hong kong italian embassy. At pwede po ba mag apply without personal appearance i mean i dadaan ko sa travel agency?

  • It is best to call the Consulate General of Italy in Hong Kong and ask:

  • Kat

    Do i have to submit an original copy of the formal invitation letter from the inviting friend or can my friend kust scan and send it to me through email?

  • A scan will suffice; just ensure that the letter has the friend’s complete address and contact details.

  • Ghie

    Ita2nung ko lng sna kng anung mga requirements ang kailangan ko pg ng apply for a schengen visa.? Wla po aq work ngaun pro may bank account po aq. Yun bf ko p ang mgshoulder lhat ng expenses ko. Korean citizen po siya. First time ko po mg apply for a visa if ever. Pro may mga tatak n po ang passport ko. Nkapag travel na po ako s ilang bansa s southeast asia. Looking forward for your reply. Thank you and God bless.

  • pretce ungay

    ask ko lang po if ok lang ba makuha ko through SCAN lahat po nang documents including invitation letter from my boyfriend italian?..

  • ClaiRob CabisTino DelGan

    Hi Good evening po. Ask ko lng po ano po ba mga requirements pag ininvite ng isang italian citizen na magiging amo ko pano po ang process para makapunta ng italy. Sana po masagot niyo thank you.

  • ClaiRob CabisTino DelGan

    Hi good evening po. Ask lng po ulit. Ano po ang mga kailangan gawin kung sakali na may maginvite na italian citizen.
    Ano po ang kailangan documents ng nag invite at ininvite. Kakilala lang po. Sila po magssponsor sa laht ng gastos pati sa bahay na titigilan. I hope masagot niyo ulit thank you.

  • ClaiRob CabisTino DelGan

    Pano po yun wala akong bank acct and wala din po akong work. Lhat po ksi cover nila ang gastos.

  • Get a letter of support from them and submit their financial and employment documents instead.

  • Claire Robert DelGan

    Ahm sir. Pwde po bang pakiexplain kung pano po ang lahat ng ggwin ko at nila sa pagprocess ng requirements. Ano po ang kailangan kong requirements. And sila po ano po lahat gagawin nila. Kasi first time po tlga kya d kami familiar. Sorry sa istorbo po. Thank you.

  • Joeffrey Salvo

    Hello Good Evening po. Ask ko Lang po pano ko po maiuuwi Sa Italy ang 3 months old ko baby. Bali Italian Citizen napo ako.ano pong kailangan para madala ko baby ko sa Italy?

  • Yoyie

    Hi ask ko lang po sa situation ko, nsa hongkong po ako by now under contract of domestic helper. Mgtravel po sa ako ng italy by sept. Personal travel for 15 days . When i went to embassy italy of hongkong hindi nila tinanggap application ko . Hindi daw po ako pwede magtravel with out my employer since under contract ako ng domestic helper even i had supporting letters from my employer. Now ask ko po, pwede ko ipasa jan sa maynila application ko? Hindi ba question or required again ang amo since under contract pa ako. Any agency can help me pls. Thnx and advance

  • Frank

    hi yellaflow yung sister dual citizen sa italy 27 year old na ako want nya papuntahin ako sa italy para magwork at stay dun ano mga documents needs i prepare for visa. thank you

  • Frank

    hi may kapatid ako sa italy citizen na sya dun gusto niya ako papuntahin dun para dun mag stay at work ano mga documents need ko at niya ihanda thank you. at ano visa kailangan ko.

  • ybur

    where should I file a complain due to the embassy staff verbally told me via phone that my bank documents is made from RECTO even its verified from the bank that my bank documents are authentic and valid..

  • Maria

    Hi! Just want to know, til now ba no interview needed sa Italian Embassy? Thanks.

  • Personal appearance is required for biometric data collection.

  • Rose

    Hi, I am a Filipino Citizen and my boyfriend Italian businessman wants me to come to Italy on December. What are the process of gettimg visa? Ano po uunahin namin?

  • Jenny

    Hello… i am planning to visit Italy for the third time. But since I planned to go to Italy this coming October and the next trip will be on April next year, is it feasible?which type of visa should I apply?and is there any additional documents?

  • Rosalie C Masigla

    I travel as a domestic helper from dubai to Italy. I wrote to Italian embassy in italy directly, the Italian embassy in italy answered me immediately, they said we don’t care who you are? What kind of your status. Applying visa travelling to Italy is no problem unless someone sponsored you from Italian citizens. Because yes, I did this year March 2016.

  • Kith

    15 days to 30 days is not true. waited for 45 days to find out 3 of my family members were denied. Six of us applied for VISA and only 3 were approved. I knew that this is their prerogative but making us wait for more than a month just to inform us that others are denied. I think we also have the right to be informed in the right time. Should they inform us earlier we could have made adjustment.
    so sad that we have paid all our plane/train fare plus the hotel bookings we made online.

  • Edz Mee

    Hi kith , I’m sorry to hear that , now I’m so scared bec I submitted mine this August 18th, and now is the 14th day of waiting not including the day I submitted it. In my case I really need to find out soon because I haven’t purchased ticket yet but I need to get one soon as my cruise is on oct and I paid for that already including for my child as per requirement of my booking reservation. Everyday my husband is checking for flight tickets and the price goes up so high, and the one that he sees with good layover and itinerary mostly disappear so quickly I’m praying I’ll get feed back tom. At first I booked an appointment in Greek embassy in July as it is my first port of entry so they gave me Aug 17th so I’ve been waiting for the day of my Sched and I even got their 2 hrs prior to my appointment and when I got there all the staff were late and only opened passed 9am which our appointment said 8am. Anyways when it’s my turn to submit my papers the lady who checked my paper said they can’t accommodate me as per my itinerary , I have more days to spend in Italy so I must go to italian embassy. So my heart is so frustrated because if I have known that I could have gone to italian embassy since July. Anyway I went home and adjusted all my documents to submit it to Italian embassy so the day after I walked in. Now my dilemma is starting today because they don’t have an update still!! !!!

  • Patricia Ann Factor

    Hi, have you gotten your visa? I am due to apply via VIA this week but if that’s the situation right now, then I might have to divert my flight to Paris so I can just get my visa c/o French Embassy.

  • Patricia Ann Factor

    Hi, when did you lodge your application?

  • haira

    hi! just want to ask a question how long it takes to get my visa for family reunion.thanks

  • mashael

    hello. this year I visited Italy and Greece. point of entry was Italy and exited through Greece. we stayed one month in total. it’s a multiple entry visa. Im planning to fly again next, from Manila to Paris. Does my Schengen Visa still valid to use for a 7day vacation? thanks

  • If it’s not yet expired, yes.

  • francis

    Hi, first time ko mag apply ng schengen visa tourist sa italian embassy sad to say kulang ako ng supporting document na proof of relationship sa monday ko pa ma pprovide. kinuha nang lahat ng mga documents at passport ko then binigyan lang ako resibo and. sabi i follow up ko nalng yung document. question ko pano ko malalamn na ok na visa ko.

  • Jam

    Hi magkano po ngayon ang babayaran for visa application sir?

  • Carlo

    Did you get your visa na? Been waiting same 14 days and no updates. Lodged mine at VIA.

  • Carlo

    hi Patricia! Did you apply at the Italian embassy? How long did you wait to get visa?

  • M.A. Acero

    Hi where can I follow up the release of our visas? We are leaving on the 22nd of October and it’s 14th day since we applied… Thanks.

  • Carlo

    Hi MA Acero! I have the same problem. Been waiting for 17 working days and no word from the embassy. Did you submit thru VIA?

  • Sheila Lacustales

    sharing the same problem. It’s 16th day leaving next week and still in process accdg to via

  • Sheila Lacustales

    sharing the same problem. It’s 16th day leaving next week and still in process accdg to via. Per via, call everyday na lang to follow up.

  • Carlo

    @Sheila, It’s taking long. Did you get a call from the embassy for an interview or for more documents? Haven’t heard any so just waiting.

  • Sheila Lacustales

    No call or update from the embassy. Via suggested to call everyday to check the status. I was advised another batch of release will be at 430pm today.

  • Carlo

    That’s what I’ve been told too. So I’m definitely calling later but hold time before a call goes through seems to suggest many people are calling for follow ups. But we’ve been waiting 3 weeks, I hope they’re looking at our papers now.

  • Carlo

    @Sheila, please do share here if you found a more effective way of following up/tracking applications. Thanks!

  • Carlo

    @Sheila, please do share here if you find a more effective way of following up our applications. Thanks.

  • Carlo

    @Sheila and @MA, please post if you got your visa. We all might be in the same batch.

  • Sheila

    sent email directly to the embassy. Not sure if we will get a reply. No harm though.

  • Carlo

    Which email address? I guess we can email directly now because we did wait nman. I’ll post here if I get any news. We submitted around the same time so we might all be in the same batch.

  • Carlo

    Got automated reply Sheila. Mine is still in process according to VIA. Any luck on your application?

  • Sheila

    Still no update. Just hoping that the docs and passports are intact.

  • Carlo

    @sheilalacustales:disqus Any update on your case? I just emailed VIA, mine is still with the embassy. The embassy has not replied to my email either.

  • M.A. Acero

    Hi Carlo and Sheila it’s our 14th working day today and our passports are still with the Embassy, I already emailed the Italian Embassy and will call them direct to follow up… We are in the panic mode. We are leaving on the 22nd.

  • M.A. Acero

    When did you submit? When are you leaving?

  • M.A. Acero

    Hi Sheila when will you leave?

  • M.A. Acero

    Yes submitted thru Via. Been calling everyday … Leaving on the 22nd they said still processing.

  • M.A. Acero

    Will do Carlo let’s keep praying….

  • M.A. Acero

    Me too. But no reply. Even talked to an Italian guy to get the email add.

  • M.A. Acero

    Mine too! When are you leaving Carlo?

  • M.A. Acero

    Pls let me know if you already received your visas. Thanks! Good luck!

  • Sheila

    We were interviewed this morning but they did not commit to release it before friday

  • Sheila

    Leaving on friday. We were interviewed this morning but they did not commit the date of release of the results. We got so tired of the stress and agony. God’s will be done.

  • M.A. Acero

    Oh my! Why were you got interviewed? About what? I’m really stressed out…:(

  • M.A. Acero

    Did you lack any documents? Did they say anything why you had to be interviewed? Praying for you Sheila…

  • M.A. Acero

    When are you leaving Carlo?

  • M.A. Acero

    You got interviewed how many working days after your submission?

  • M.A. Acero

    Hard time sleeping… Will lift it all up to Him…

  • M.A. Acero

    How many days will you stay in Europe?

  • Carlo

    @maacero:disqus! Hello! We just got our visas today. It was delivered by 2go. I wasn’t called for interview nor to submit any document. I waited 21 working days. We are leaving in the first week of December, traveling with office buddies. I hope you got yours today. Keep the faith!

  • Carlo

    Hi @sheilalacustales:disqus How are you? I’m sure you will get your visa on time. You just need to be a bit more patient because the waiting is stressful. We got ours today delivered by 2Go.

  • M.A. Acero

    Nice Carlo! Congrats! When are you leaving?

  • M.A. Acero

    Wow I’m so happy for you Carlo! Thanks! Keeping my faith! ????????????

  • Carlo

    December pa. Decided to lodge early because of the horror stories that it takes long if thru the Italian Embassy. Did you get a call na from the embassy?

  • Carlo

    M.A., not getting call from the embassy is not exactly a bad sign. I didn’t get a call and my visa was just delivered. Just keep praying. You’ll make it!

  • M.A. Acero

    Thank you!

  • King Agpalasin Tabago

    ma’am, ok na po lahat ng documents ko.. ang problema ko po ay ung managers check, wala kc ako bank account. so ano po gagawin ko?

  • M.A. Acero

    Yay we got our visas!!!! Thank you!!!????????????

  • M.A. Acero

    Sheila pray to infant Jesus :))) I did the novena:)))

  • Sheila

    MA and Carlo, we got our visas this morning. Thank God!

  • Ayumi Thea

    Hi,ask ko lng kung gano katgal kayo naganty aftrr verification. Kc d kmi na inform ngbgo na pla. Now my verification pa n tumatgal dw ng 3 to a month. Eh ang flight ng aswa ko sa oct. 31 na.

  • Ayumi Thea

    Hello po dumaan din kayo sa verification process? Ilang days ang inanty nyo. Aalis na kc asawa ko sa tuesday wla pa ang visa. Last friday my dumating na letter for verification fee so monday lng sya ngpuntanto verify. my verification pa halos one month kmi nganty kala nmin visa na drting un pla waiting ulet.

  • Villanueva Perez Lyn

    Hi ayumi thea…my husband also received a letter from italiam embassy and we need to pay a verification fee(550php) after the payment we need to wait another month just for another many days did u wait after the verification fee? Did they call u or just receive it without the call..